Monday, August 3, 2015

Bus seat etiquette

Today I was taking a bus for a little over an hour. The bus was quite crowded so when I was boarding there was only one free double seater left. There was a few seats left in the very back row, but we all love a double seat right.

I was happy to see it and as I neared it and was just about to sit down, the woman behind me said "I'm sorry but I was getting that for myself and my husband".

And instead of saying "but I'm in line before you" I just said a sour OK and went down to sit at the very back.

She didn't even say thank you.

But then as the bus started rolling, revenge was mine as the seat stealing couple were sitting right behind a little girl watching a Pippi movie on loud volume, no headphones.

Karma, bitch.

Would you have moved like I did? Or would you have stood your ground on the seat?
So humiliating.
There were plenty of other single people sitting on double seats in front of us. Some of them had even done the sneaky sitting in isle seat trick.
But I was the only one asked to move.

Crank up the volume, little girl.