Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On confidence

Every summer we go to places out in the forest, by remote lakes. No running drinking water. No hot water. No dishwashers. No WCs, just wooden outhouses.
No TVs. No WiFi.

Entertainment comes in the shape of listening to the radio, picking blueberries and swimming in cold lakes.

Every little thing in each house seem to have always been there and shouldn't be replaced.

Like the very old toaster.
At first, you think it doesn't work.
But it does work, you just have to sit by it, keeping the lever down the entire time its toasting.

It's like it's lacking in confidence and thinks it couldn't possibly toast without help. Without holding your hand.

It's touching/annoying.

In recent years I've had self-esteem issues. Doubting I can do what I know I should be able to.

I feel connected to this toaster.
Now I just need a toaster to come hold my lever.