Monday, August 17, 2015

rookie pic-taking advice

1. Use/buy/borrow a camera that's fits nicely into your hands.

2. Is it too big? too bulky? Chances are you won't bring it with you no matter how great it is. No camera with you=no pics.

3. Learn the difference between what you see and what you get. 

In my case it's making sure the whole foot is in the picture and some more ground below it. 
I struggle with this. It's the one big difference between what I see in the view finder and the actual shot. 

Proof above. This pic would have been so much greater with a little ground for Niki to stand on. 

4. Take many pics. This second pic is better footwise (just a little more ground!), but I love Niki's expression in first shot more. 

So in short: bring camera, snap away, try to get whole body including feet into frame.

it's not enough to debuten a profession in pics, but for blogging, it will get you far.