Monday, August 17, 2015

Did I tell you what happened at the Åland bathhouse?

Went to the greatest pool in Åland.
While waiting for Niki to shoot out of the waterslide, a large 13-year Finnish boy splashed out in front of me.

Coming out of the water, he was ouching and complaining.

Me: Are you ok?

Boy: Yes. But I hurt my knee. I already had a wound on my knee.

Me: I see.

Boy: You want to see my wound?

Me: (Thinking NO!) Sure.

Boy: See? (shows off largely healed graze on knee).

Me: That must have hurt.

Boy: Yes. You know how I got this? This wound?

Me: No, how??

Boy: It was... a TIGER.

sure it was. but thanks for wanting to impress!