Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear APC

My birthday is coming up (TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH) and though I have everything anyone could need and more, I still yearn for a pair of nice boots and these would kind of do it for me. So APC, you know I've done a lot of free marketing for you and if you believe in karma and would like to return the favor, let nothing stop you!

Ps. Glad you asked, a European 37.


  1. at least you don't have to be an anorexic 12-year old to wear those! by the way, if you run into my sister walking around stockholm today, say hello to her for me.

  2. Dear Em,
    Sorry, I will be a bit of a party-pooper now.
    Please make sure that they pay for repair if they break. I bought last seasons version at APC in Paris and the whole sole fell off within 3 weeks (No rainy days, nothing!!!).

    The worst part was that APC did not even pay for the repair. Nor did they take them back. Nor did they want to exchange them for another pair. Crappiest ever.

  3. malin, am actually grateful for making this seem like a bad idea so I can let go. They're just boots! Sorry about your boot experience, I've had better luck - APC fixed the sad soles of some cork platforms free of charge! Like they should!

    Jenny, will loo for your sis. Does she look like you?
    Would she like to meet up?

  4. oh that's terrible about APC's non-repair policy. i've had so many pairs of shoes from them (flats, admittedly) and they're all long-lived.

    emi--i tried to get sara to call you, as i think her son asher and joel would have fun together, but she didn't. she looks like me, tall, with loads of tattoos. perhaps she can advise you on one? she was walking on strandvagen this afternoon with my aunt. if you hear see a tiny grey-haired lady talking excitedly and loudly to a tall american woman with dark brown hair wearing a blue raincoat while pushing a stroller with an 18-month old, that's them. will encourage her to get in touch with you. she's leaving sunday--been there for a week and a half already. staying at my aunt's on frejgatan.


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