Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear me, an open letter to myself the day before another birthday

Birthday resolutions:


1. Never to buy yarn ever again as you don't finish projects and this mission of yours to knit up whatever you want instead of buying it is not saving you any money and because handknits look good only on children and Vanessa Paradis and then it's probably not handknit by you but by Chloé/Dior designers.

2. That goes for knitting books too.

2b. Imagine if you'd bought Apple shares or Gold for the money you spent on yarn and knitting books.

2c. Counting all that yarn and needles and knitting books, you might have been able to purchase Ralph Lauren. Yes, the man, not the apparel.

3. Stop using photo-booth as a mirror when applying make-up as it's not really true to reality and does something weird with existing light conditions. Last time you did, you met up with Anders and he asked "why the theatrical make-up, are you going on stage?" and Lisa said something about "Kabuki look".

4. Keep up the running, you really like it.

5. Yes quit tight jeans, as you notice how they slow you down when playing with your kids! What kind of insane sacrifice is that? Nothing is worth that. Nothing. Plus, now that you run, you enjoy breathing even more than before. Bonus: It's free.

That's all for now. Will be back with more advice when I have some.

6. Yes, now that you're invited to a very formal affair, you may buy one gorgeous long dress.