Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Questions from readers 3

What is THE color this fall/winter season? -Irina

My motto this fall/year is WORK WITH WHAT YOU'VE GOT. Whatever is already in your closet. I got married and followed that motto and it seems to have liberated me. I wore a vintage dress that had been hanging in my closet since forever and old shoes etc. The thought is: If I didn't even need to buy stuff for my wedding - do I really NEED much that I don't already have? This nauseatingly perky/organic/thrifty goody-two-shoes thinking saves bucks and time.

That said, I have bought scarlet red shoes and a red belt and a red scarf. So Red. Scarlet red. Mixed with what you have.

Ps. Realizing I'm not saving any time what so ever. Still day dreaming about stuff I can not afford!