Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear everyone who loves Mads

I keep watching this, mesmerized. The way Mads talks is so intriguing. So somber, so touching. And because Swedes are so afraid of upsetting Danes by not understanding them, I have to praise the courage of the person who insisted on subtitles in Swedish to help us even when this Dane is speaking in Swedish for once.

Ps. Also happy that Fritidsresor promises that life exists of 29 000 dagar, equalling almost 80 years. For all of us! Hope they're right. Statistically, they are, at least in Sweden.


  1. i am glad you love mads, too, though i am sorry for you, because he is my husband.

  2. and i love listening to the danes speak--like they've got hot rocks in their mouths.


  4. God.., I love that man.

    You do know that he speaks Swedish, right? He used to live in Gothenburg, if I remember it correctly.

    But God...

    ...I love that man.


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