Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear future generations

Dear future generations of the world, I am so jealous that you might have access to scientific solutions that will let you copy paste versions of your children at every stage. I love my kids to the verge of explosion like most parents so to imagine the thought of having little version left of the baby, the 1-year old, the 2-year old that once was! It's too much! I'd be out of control, copy pasting left and right, as unable to stop at a reasonable number as Octomom.


  1. That picture just made me broody. If I get pregnant again, I'm blaming on you. Or shoddy condoms.

  2. So adorable!!
    cupcake (canada)

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  4. oh my god. i'm having a third. immediately. that frog-leg position. i want it back.


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