Monday, November 22, 2010

Same tree, different seasons

See that tree Joel is running towards?
He runs towards it in winter too. It's on our way to dagis.


  1. Loved seeing the change of seasons! I lived in NYC all my life until this year. Now I live in a much warmer climate. Not much change visually here but at least the weather gets a bit cooler in the winter and I can wear my sweaters occasionally. :)

  2. That summer photo is magical... it's like the forests in fairytails! (and luckily the north isn't known to have many poisonous animals hiding between the leaves, so I bet it's even more ideal to let yout kids run around in!)

  3. It's just a five minute walk to daycare, but we love taking the forest route. It is truly magical in summer time. Sometimes you can even see deer from a distance. It's easy to imagine this path has looked pretty much like this since ancient times.

  4. Wow, that's their way to daycare?! I bet you have no trouble getting them there on a nice day - it's more like a treat than a chore! What luck!


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