Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Mrs Bildt

There's something about this picture, I can't stop looking at it. It should be such a relaxing moment, yet you don't look comfortable at all. To me this picture shows the discrepancy between the dreams we all have about a perfect life and the reality of that life once it's all in place.


  1. your commentary on this picture! So true!

    Shawn K.

  2. I wanna my bathroom like that so comfortable

  3. So true Emu. But then I wonder , who does the shoes on the floor belong to? Surely not petit Mrs Bildt. Maybe she has a man (carl?) hidden in the tub with her. If so the maybe her life is far more perfect then what it seems...

  4. This is my favorite post so far, I think.

    Except for the stories about your grandmother and driving.

  5. Ha ha ha. Jag associerade direkt till Marats död:

    Sara T

  6. where is her towel - she's gonna have to get out of the tub without one, worst part of getting up from a warm bath, is when you realize the towels are on the other side of, the much colder , room...


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