Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Kiehl's

Dear Kiehl's,
I've been on your team. I've bought my share of CdC. I've rooted for you. I've loved your olive oil hair treaments. But your hair other hair products...we're no impressed. Dizzy from my great past experiences wih your great products, I shelled out lots of money to buy your promising Rice & wheat volumizing shampoo. The family is halfways through the bottle and we're quitting already. This is not like us. We're not picky, we don't throw stuff away like this. But your stuff made our hair weird! Now we've replaced your bottle with cheaper stuff and our hair is happy again.

You're a brand who seem to care about the environment. Wha should we do with these half empty bottles? And why are the rice and wheat products so disappointing? I bought the shampoo because it said on the bottle that it's intended for "flat, thin or lifeless hair". I can check every box there, so who are you really trying to help if this doesn't work for me?

I know other people so disappointed in this product they give it away for free! That's how I got the conditioner. But being an optimist I thought it still might work on me. It did not.

Sad, still flat, thin & lifeless greetings from
-the end consumer


  1. i hear you. kiehl's is a lot of PR without a lot of delivery.

  2. Hej Em,
    Try Bumble and Bumble thickening line. I use both the shampoo and the conditioner since about 6 months and it never happened that I was soo pleased with both products.
    There is also a serum but I can't really say it helped. Then I prefer the redken thickening lotion. That really is amazing.

  3. i can second the quality of the bumble and bumble product, though i don't use the thickening line, for obvious reasons.

  4. kiehls is not good at hair stuff, the creams are better... my hairdresser told be to stop using whatever it was that I was using as shampoo when I tried the thickening line since it was doing bad bad things to my hair.

    the best from kiehls is their deo, though it contains strange things, I close my eyes and use it, it's the best Ever, and I have tried Tons.


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