Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dear milan pastry makers

These teeth to be chewed by teeth - they induce slightly cannibalistic thoughts. Is there such a thing as cannibalism light? In marzipan?

Thoughts they don't induce: eagerness to eat or buy.


  1. Vi kom hem fr bröllopsresan till Milano i Fredags! Fyra nätter, tre dagar - multo buono! Blev inga skor (klämde på dessa http://www.amazon.com/Robert-Clergerie-Womens-Clay-Ankle/dp/B003B007OU ) men slog till på yllekofta och solglas! Och pizza, tagliatelle Bolognese, panini, kalv Milanese, basilika glass och hallontartletter! Robin fick konstig agent-biljet på flyget men det funkade med lite tålamod.. Såg ingen Miuccia. // Skansen-Jennie?

  2. ÅH! visst var det underbart! Tack Lufthansa!

  3. Ah, you had to remind me of marzipan. It was my favorite treat as a kid. My parents being from Europe loved marzipan and my father baked pies with the almond delight.
    I do agree, I am not enticed to eat those teeth though. But maybe after a bite I would change my mind. hehe

  4. hoho, those would be the perfect present for my father in law- he is waiting for new teeth and can only eat mashed potatoes till after x-mas. I bet these would be a sweet comfort- to bad they dont got this crayz idea in any Nowegian pastery- hey, theres another reason for a trip to Italy;-)...


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