Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear son

This morning, you were so angry. SO ANGRY. Everything was wrong and you hated daycare, didn't want to go there and WTF so much snow and you hate winter gear and why are there nightmares and bad stuff and tears were cascading down your soft wonderful silky peachy white cheeks.

Turned out you were really upset about the fact that your parents were leaving you for 4 days, an infinite measure of time to your 5-year old mind. "How can you go away for SOOOO LOOONG?" you asked and I said "We'll be back before you know it".

Then, walking you to daycare, you asked "When have I lived as long as the dinosaurs? When I'm grown up?" I tried to explain the hundreds of million years concept and you replied "So when I'm a teen?".

To you, 4 days probably seems like a few million years too. I still promise to be back before you know it.
-your mother, old as a dino.