Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jeff again

One last thing about Jeff Bridges. Look at him and his wife through the ages. They lucked out! Then if you have the time, you can read his words about her here. And go awww.
Ps. Or eww, as it seems some people will. All depending on your personal understanding of life, love, work, marriages and beyond.


  1. Jag älskar Jeff Bridges! Så fin.
    Min pappa som inte lever längre sa alltid att om han skulle nämna en manlig förebild så var det Jeff Brides. Känns ännu finare nu.

  2. Eeehh... This was just depressing. He has been pursuing his career while she has taken care of everything. She's his fulltime servant. Not my idea of a happy marriage, though I'm not surprised it's Mr Bridges. Am very surprised to see you buying into this crap.


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