Friday, May 27, 2011

Who are you and why are you here? Anne Hathaway naked.

Each day I check my stats and each day, they go down a little. Right now, 235 people check in every day to read LFTEC. There are days when I can't believe so many people come here daily, and even more days when I say to myself "That's not enough! I must blog more interestingly, more engaging, more something I obviously don't know howto do or my stats would be higher".

When I wrote LTMJ I had like 800 unique visitors a day. A number that rose when I blogged a pic of Anne Hathaway in a see-through top.

Perhaps I should do that again. That seems a bit cheap though.

What I really want to know is.

1. Who are you and where are you?
2. Do you come here a lot?
3. For how long have you been coming here?
4. What kind of posts do you like the most?



  1. I am not sure how someone like me will show up in the statistics, I just added you to google reader, so I may be lumped in with others who did the same. Or maybe google does something smart. I only rarely actually click through to your blog, I just look at it from a distance. Admiring.

    A bit like the relationship between me and Anne. I feel that me and Anne are on first name basis now that I have seen her breasts.

    1. Just this guy in Sweden. As for who I am: I am a semanticist.
    2. As I said above, I read all your posts (with various level of attention, depending on how dull being a semanticist is at the moment compared to
    how exciting Anne is. Anne is doing well today.)
    3. A while. Four months since I added you maybe. And then you were kinda on-again/off-again for a while before that.
    4. I don't know. On reflection I don't know WHY I like any of what you write, I just do.

  2. Every single time you update, which some days is often, I come by. Sometimes only by my reader though. Cute kid pictures make me come by to see the pictures properly.

    I was thinking about that earlier - how did I find different bloggers I follow. Back in the days of LTMJ, I found you by googling Katvig. My friend's wife started the company in 2003, and died from cancer over 3 years ago. Since she wasn't all that interested in being friendly with her husband's female friends, I didn't know her or the clothing line all that well. Doing research posthumously, I guess you could say. Saw some of your posts, stuck around.

    Just keep doing what you do. Fuck stats.

  3. Hi Emi,

    1. Office drone in Italy.
    2. I check in everyday-ish.
    3. Maybe almost 2 years... I think I got here from 101 cookbooks, or some other blog.
    4. I've enjoyed when you write about books(I've bought one or two you mentioned!), travel reports, things about your absurdly cute kids, rants, links to other websites (like the recent one about medieval stained glass or the one about "what's in your purse"). Like Viktor, I can't say precisely what makes your blog interesting to me, but I look forward to new posts (a refreshing break from office-droning). Maybe it's one of those small-world things, if we list all our characteristics we have a million differences, there's still a lot of common ground.

  4. Hi Emi!

    1. I'm just this girl from Spain, late twenties, living in Germany but moving back home sooooooon! Working in engineering.
    2. I always read you through my google reader. I really love that thing. I don't know if that appears in the statistics though. It probably does, these google people know what they do.
    3. I think I've been reading you for about 2 years? don't remember really...
    4. All of them. I like the posts about running, the posts about how strong you feel, the posts about your kids... I also love the posts about books, fashion and so on. And the ones where we get to see that you are a real person, not some perfect internet idol.

    I just honestly hope/want to be like you when I grow up (a little more).

  5. 1. I am your loyal friend in Brooklyn.
    2. I read all your posts and love them. I check every morning.
    3. I've been reading you since LTMJ days. I wonder how Marc is doing without you. I think I came from The Sartorialist, though I couldn't be sure. It was so long ago.
    4. I love them all--I love your humor, how you make bad things seem manageable, how much you love your family, how much you make me miss Sweden.

  6. 1. I'm Maja, 25 years old and lives in Malmö.
    2. Almost every day, when I come home from work.
    3. I started to come here about 1,5 years ago. I think it was through another blog and I recognized your name since I loved Darling. I still have them somewhere!
    4. Posts about books, fashion, running, food, kids... Sometimes it's just the small reflections about life put in a lovely language . And sometimes I get some advice on what books or clothes I might look for. Like the other day I bought Barbara Hollands Endangered pleasures because I read about her here. Thank you, Emi!
    P.S, I ran 10 k on 56 minutes the other day.

  7. Hello there,

    I am in Germany, working in Corporate Sustainability, IT industry, that is: making computers, phones, "pad"s and "pod"s greener. I come here every day, mostly after work or sometimes during the day when I need a break from work issues. I think I found LTMJ first... and then LTMJ I found through.. maybe some other blog? I think so, but I'm not sure. I love your humor and how you look at things, and always find the hilarious side in every situation, person, product etc. etc. Book posts and fashion posts are great, and posts about your adorable kids, travel, running, I like them all, they make me smile and sometimes even go put on my Nikes or order a book on Amazon. Please keep posting! Thank you!!

  8. 1. I'm a youngish American mom
    2. I read every post through google reader
    3. I've been reading at least two years, probably longer- I can't remember now how I got here- somone's blog
    4. I love all of your posts, except for the ones I can't read :) I especially like your sense of humor, and when you point out something funny/beautiful about your day. I still remember a post you did quite a while ago about how it is impossible to eat a banana without looking indecent- now I laugh every time I eat a banana.

    I really love this blog- it is a happy-maker.

  9. Hi Emi, I've been visiting you for a few years now. I come to see you because you make me smile, you make me want to visit Sweden, your kids are adorable, and I like your perspective on everything. You show me dresses and boots. Stats, shmats, you've got friends all over the world. Including in Canada. I also love you best because it was through your blog that I met my bestie, alphamonkey.

  10. I'm a daily reader through Google. Middle-aged mom living in the Southern part of America. I can't even remember how I found your blog, but I've been subscribed for maybe a year or so.

    I enjoy the randomness of your posts and the fact that so often your insights are so entertaining and so tender at the same time.

    I like the photos, the commentaries, the topics, and the combination of silly and serious often in the same post.

    Screw the stats! Don't change a thing!

    Shawn K.

  11. I'm Susie, 22, from the US.
    I come here every few days.
    I used to read LTMJ.
    I like random, funny thoughts and pictures. I don't comment very often but I enjoy reading :) I just finished my last year of college, studying fashion design, so I like when you point out how weird fashion is.

  12. Kirsten, living in northern England now. Check in every few days but always read all the posts. Used to read LTMJ and heard about you through a friend who read LTMJ. I like the posts with interesting observations about your family, and all your pictures!!

  13. 1. I'm Jen and I live in San Diego
    2. I read in google reader normally and see posts whenever you update
    3. I cannot remember when I added you to google reader, quite a while ago, I think
    4. I like all of them. They're a little random in a fun way.

  14. Det är bara jag! Och jag tar vad jag får.

  15. 1. Elena from Arizona in the US
    2. A few times a week, or maybe more now that school is out
    3. I started reading LTMJ in 2007 or 2008
    4. I like the forgotten closet posts a lot

  16. 1. Who are you and where are you?
    I am Enna/Anne, and I am currently in Naperville Illinois, USA (35 miles west of Chicago)

    2. Do you come here a lot?
    Through my google reader mostly, but yes.

    3. For how long have you been coming here?
    Since the beginning.

    4. What kind of posts do you like the most?
    Oddly enough, the posts where you add pictures of your being out and about. Vacation photos, going to school photos, running photos. ALSO that phallic veggies. Those are neat too.

  17. 1. Artist and mother of 4 under 5, living with husband and sweedish dog (Gøsta Carlson från Svalehult i Småland)in the countryside of Norway.
    2.Almost every day
    3.My older sister ( and fashion designer- you must chek out ) first told me about LTMJ a few years ago. It was actually the first blog I ever read!?! When you made LFTEC, I was so inspiered by the way you so relaxed, and elegant and funny took care of the thrilling everyday-moments, and added some fashion, humor & glamour, I started my own blog. I can dream away to how the more kul everything is in sweden (you know, brought up with Pippi we still believe everything is better over the borderline;-D
    4. On life for intelligent, and stylish-super-mother-work-life, without this cupcake /latte hell(din blogg er inte såder utstuderat med før tilgjorde bilder - den er bare ekte!).,
    Keep up the good work, and always be true to yourself!-dont think about what your readers like-go on telling about the things you find the most interesting!

  18. Im Caroline, 23 year old from Stockholm.
    I check in maybe 4 times a week or so. I've been following you since I was 17 or 18 I think, when you wrote LTMJ.
    I like your posts about your friends,family and running. Love the way you write.

    Maybe I've already told you this (or I've been thinking about doing it a hundred times). In high school when we had the "nationella proven" in Swedish I wrote my essay about LTMJ (the theme was blogging). It was a success and my teacher now uses it as an example essay to show students. I just want to thank you for being so inspirational to me. All through my last year of high school I was so inspired to write, just by reading your lovely and funny blog.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Hi Emi,
    1. I am 24 and a cubicle monkey from Philadelphia.
    2. I check in every other day or so.
    3. I have been reading your blog, starting with LTMJ, for about 5(I think?) years now. Boing Boing had featured one of your posts, and I cannot for the life of me remember which one, but it had a very odd picture with it and I absolutely HAD to read it. Have been reading faithfully ever since.
    4. I love posts about fashion, family, travel and especially random odd things.

    I love how candid and humorous your writing is, so I sincerely hope you don't let the numbers upset you. You ARE engaging and interesting and those of us who read regularly really appreciate you.

    Much love from the city of brotherly love,

  20. honestly, reading this is the most rewarding experience I've ever had. from the bottom of my being I thank you for sharing this with me. you're the inspiration! so fucking fantastic, I LOVE YOU.

    if you have not commented yet, please do, I love to hear about every one of you, where you are, who you are.

  21. Hi, Emi!

    I live in Bucharest, Romania and I'm from Brasov, a nice town in Transylvania (Romania). I have a small communication shop, I like to stroll on my bike and do sports in general and I love to read.
    Like many of your readers, I follow you through Google Reader as I see the posts when they appear. It's like watching TV in a way, but all the feeds are relevant.
    Reading through the comments made me wonder if I discovered you through Boing Boing or the Sartorialist - one of them for sure. Anyway, it was in the "early days of blogging", around 2005, and I had a job that didn't take a lot of my time, so I read articles online every day. I still think that your profile photo is great and said a lot about you. A friend of mine who blogs about wine did a sort of copycat without knowing about you:
    I love the tone of the posts and the briefness. I also like the recommendations, the stories about running, about people you meet, travels and the thoughts about life.
    Keep on keeping in touch! You always give something to the day!

  22. I don't recall which post led me to you but I'm certain it was back in 2009 when I started blogging and spending lots of time browsing the net.
    You're bookmarked in my reader and are one of the few blogs I read that isn't about gardening, crafting or cooking. I like the quirkiness of your humour (Rod Stewart we have your haircut!) and the wonderful delights of ordinary family life that you share. I chuckle often from the comfort of my sofa in the South West of England.

  23. -I'm an old, faithful 34 year old male French fan, who now lives in Berlin. I don't really care for naked Anne Hathaway, but I care for everything Emi G.
    -I come here almost daily, every morning. I read the news, I check my emails, Facebook, then your and Anna A's blogs.
    -I came here a couple of years ago, it must have been sometimes in 2008, while I was living in Milan, through the website of Vogue Paris. It was the early period of this blog if I remember. I read one post, then I read all of LTMJ and LFTEC in almost two days. I was hooked. Still am.
    -I love everything that you write. I would even take pleasure reading your grocery list, honestly. I can perfectly say that you have changed my life in a way. You helped me become a less complicated person. I love your positive outlook on life, and I try to imitate it. And you got me blogging, for God's sake. I love reading about your quest for fashion and your family. I just don't like it when I have to put your Swedish prose through Google translate, but well, it happens.
    xxx Ayme

  24. I'm a graduate student in the US, moving to Sweden next year to be with my partner. I've come here every day for about 2 years. I like all of your posts; they always cheer me up if I haven’t had a great day. I particularly enjoy your posts about hilarious products/clothing and funny quotes from your children. It feels like you filter the best parts of your day for our enjoyment. Like distilled happiness!

  25. I come here because you are a great person (as in, you are smart, funny, read interesting books, maintain close friendships, keep healthy and happy, are a strong, caring mother, have a foxy husband, but only just married him) and I want to feel connected to great people who live full lives. It is a good exercise for my brain.

    I live in Oakland, CA. I've been checking in here, a few times a week, for about three years, maybe four.


  26. 1. Norwegian designer.
    2. Twice a month maybe.
    3. 4 years ago I got a kitten. She slept on my lap the entire weekend and I did not dear to move. So I surfed on blogs, and ended up on yours that really stood out. It is smart, personal and energetic, meaning full of life (everyday life) and honest. I like that. It also has a kind of a Wes Anderson quality to it. In a way that it has an eye for details. <3
    4. As the above.

  27. 1. Anonymous' answer actually reminded me how I got here: 101 cookbooks! I'm an online-recipe fanatic from Switzerland.
    2. once a week probably
    3. probably a year or more! Good lord how time flies...
    4. I loved your run-with-e-rookie series, I like the crazy/gorgeous dresses you find and try, the photos of your kids are heartwarming, and you've got a sassy commentary style to life which motivates me somehow!

  28. Jag läser din blogg via google reader, så jag syns kanske inte i statistiken. Men såhär: jag är en arkitekt som bor i Malmö och jag älskar allt du skriver. Jag hittade hit för något år sedan och då läste jag genom alla dina bloggar från början till slut. Ska kanske tillägga att du har fått mig att börja jogga. Detta faktum tillsammans med att allt du skriver är apa-kul, och att du är kompis med Lotta Lundgren, gör dig till min sån-vill-jag-bli-person.

  29. I read your museum blogg on, it was just perfect. Even for someone like me who almost never thinks about art but sometimes finds herself randomly wandering into an art museum. Then when it stopped I came over here instead.

    I live in Lund, am a computer programmer and I love your short humorous posts, they are so unexpected. Like many of the others I read your blogg in google reader, and I plan to keep on reading. Now I have to go and find out what LTMJ is.

  30. Mirjam, LTMJ is

    once again, thank you all of you for responding to my questions and for coming here to read!


  31. Caroline - vad kul med nationella provet! nej det har du aldrig sagt! vilken ÄRA! jag vill också läsa!

  32. 1. I am sitting here in Krakow, Poland in my small architectural office
    2. Yes, mostly I am using my Google reader
    3. Since LTMJ
    4. All written in English :)

  33. Another from the museum blogg on

    I loved that one, followed you here when it stopped and am now working through both LFTEC and LTMJ.

    25 year old, student of archaeology and museum education, in Stockohm, Sweden

  34. 1. I am from Victoria BC.
    2. I subscibe to yor blog through Google Reader
    3. I have been reading your blog for about 1 year
    4. I like your blog because the posts are random, interesting, thoughtful and often hilarious!

  35. 1. I am Jeanette, and I live in Ohio, USA
    2. I get your posts through Google Reader, so I see you every time you post. (Because I feel cheated when I go to a blog and there is no new content, and then I question my sanity for expecting a total stranger to keep me occupied.)
    3. Three years maybe? Not sure.
    4. I like to see parts of your life that are different from mine, as well as the ones that are the same. I enjoy your commentary on life, reading another human being's views, even if I don't always agree.

  36. I'm a swedish female trying to squeeze in as much in 24 hours as possible i e I work full time, have a husband and a son (and you have 3, how do you do it???), try to workout, and meet some friends.

    Through reader, everytime you update. You can refer to me as your legal stalker (as all rss-feeds makes us I think)

    A long time. I wish I knew about LTMJ earlier. But, I have been a fan of Emi since the Darling magazine was around. Now you still write fantabulous, have the sweetest kids ever, a goodlooking husband and a bod to die for and STILL is a humble person - I love u even more (in a healthy way).

    I appreciate all posts, but especially the ones about the slightly odd stuff such as a quaint book, random other blogger etc. Also, links to places to buy cool sweaters/dresses.

  37. 1. I am a 31 year old woman living in Fiji.
    2. I come here all the time through google reader
    3. I've been reading since the start. Was very happy to see the link from LTMJ when you started blogging again! I've been a fan of LTMJ and Run with E too.
    4. My favourite post is the one to the painter of the past, but I also love seeing what your kids (and superheroes esp Spidy) get up to.


  38. 1. my name is lauren, and i'm a 21 yr old in canada
    2. i usually come here once a week, sometimes more
    3. i'm always bad at judging time. i never realise how much time has passed until i calculate it. i've been coming here for probably close to (if not over) two years?
    4. i like posts about your life. you seem to have a beautiful life and family, and the kind of life i wish to have when i have a family of my own. i also find the fact that you run, very inspirational.

  39. Ohhhh, happy to oblige:

    1. I'm Therese, I'm swiss, 34 years old, married, mother to one daughter (16 months).

    2. There are times when I check in a lot, then sometimes less because I forget (sorry, but at least I'm honest).

    3. A long time, I used to read LTMJ before.

    4. Fashion- and familyrelated ones.

  40. Hi Emi!

    1. I'm Marie. Soon-to-be librarian. Manic reader and inspiration seeker. Sporadic blogger.
    2. I read every one of your posts (and back tracked through all of your blog history when I first found you. A manic reader, I kid you not)
    3. I believe that I found you some time around the summer of 2009.
    4. The thing is, with your lovely way with words, acutely intelligent(/charming/inspiring etc) reflections and overall interesting blog posts, I kind of just want to say "go, go, go!" and I'll keep being a happy camper

  41. I love your writing, you have so many wonderful insights that it is a pleasure to stop by and see what is going on in your world. I live in Los Angeles, but think that if I lived near we would be great friends in fashion, family and fitness !

  42. Hej Emi,

    I have been with you since the LFMJ time. Found the blog 'accidently' while looking for MJ info.. since then I have been one of your loyal readers. Most often reading retroactivelly, however. I am your age (I think), living in Sweden and working in Denmark. I love your sense of humour and wisedom... your intelligence and your reflections - which often very much match my view on life. I actually think we could have been really good friends you, and me.

  43. I've been pretty lax about coming every day. I'm sorry, but I finally found a job! I live outside Boston, MA USA. I found you through 101 cookbooks while I was unemployed and going to nursing school. Yes, at 40 I did a complete career change from a buyer for a clothing company to a nurse. I had a lot of free time while in school and not working, or maybe I didn't but you can only study for so many hour before you need a break. And going from working in a busy office to being home alone all day was very difficult. So, I killed a lot of time on the internet. sad but true.

    I liked your blog the minute I saw it. You have such a positive outlook on the world, a wonderful family and a good sense of humor. And you make life in Sweden seems so beautiful and poetic. While I sat at my kitchen table under a pile of nursing texts feeling blue you were there with a new post that almost always made me smile. And I appreciate that.

    Now that I'm working, I haven't been online as much. I guess my life is feeling full and productive again. But I got back on today and you are the first place I visited!

  44. 1. Hannah, 30s American recently moved to Australia.
    2-3. I used to read LTMJ when I lived in London so that would be around 2006. Then I forgot about your new blog until I googled "LTMJ" this afternoon, to motivate starting my own blog. Nice to see you again, I have alot of posts to catch up on!
    4. Like so many others, your candid, humourous stories about your kids, date nights with the hubby, etsy finds, life as a working mom in Sweden, etc.


I welcome any comment, so happy to hear from you.