Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh Los Angeles

The finest compliment I've ever received was this: "You look like...you kind of look like a tree."
I live where I live because of trees. And Anders he looks like...he kind of looks like a tree too.

My dream is to someday live in a treehouse, a dream I've had since the age of 3 when mom read Babar's Friend Zephir to me.

© Rhea Garen
I'd love to see it, probably won't make it. Will walk disappointment off in forest, perhaps dousing myself with Balenciaga Paris.
Because as you know, I want to be "a close yet inaccessible woman who strolls under leafy arbors".

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  1. I love trees to- my dream is a weekend with my husbound to the tree-hotel in the north of Sweden!! Its spectaculary beautiful! If you havent got the Treehousebook already- go get it at Amazone. You´ll love it! It made me learn some carpenting- I´m makeing a treehouse for my 4 kids one day soon;-)


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