Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My life

I understand my perkiness can be hard to deal with. So am thinking I should perhaps add stuff that upsets me. Like how much there is to clean up all the time.

Also, today, am having trouble with piriformis.
There. How does this make you feel?


  1. my damn periformis has been hurting too..it hurts when I run and don't stretch. You know, I would have thought evolution would have taken care of that stupid little muscle!

  2. i feel bad for you and your pain. clearly you are running too much! keep going with the pilates. your house looks no messier than mine.

  3. have had this pain since forever. think it might have to do with carrying kids on my left hip for ten years?

    will not stop running. and yes, love pilates! LOVE IT. Love elin.

  4. i think you may be right about the kids/hip issue. i've got back pain from mine and only pilates will heal me. run to pilates!


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