Friday, May 27, 2011

This is for you, thank you!

The other day, I tried to look up English equivalent for the Swedish word "tillrättalagd". The online dictionary told me "distorted" was the word I was looking for.
But that's not right, though it is right somehow.

What I mean is a mix between "adjusted" and "fixed to seem more appropriate".
In life, I'm constantly looking for the opposite of this. Not necessarily the awful truth or even the bare truth, but just that moment before we catch ourselves in the mirror and adjust everything. And indeed end up with a distorted version of reality.

Because we're all fucked up.
And because I love you for being here and am so grateful for anyone taking the time to reply to the questions in the previous post, I've decided to share a few of my distorted moments.

The pic in top may seem private and in a way it is. Why is this lady showing off her armpit you wonder.

Here is the improbable answer: She is halfway through her pregnancy and is proudly showing off her bump.
I am serious. That is me 20 weeks pregnant with Vanja, July 16th 2001. July 16 is Anders' birthday and this very day, he could feel her kick. She was born on November 15th that year and it will come as no surprise that yes, she was a small baby.

ps. No, I did not look like that halfway through my two subsequent pregnancies.