Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daylight saving time

It's time to reset the watches and when that happens I want to do more drastic time resetting.
I'd like to travel to see what Cleopatra really looked like. I'd like to see the Shawnee ride over the Ohio plains before they were cruelly forced to leave their homes and roots and move to Oklahoma. I'd give anything to take a peek at a real Viking ship sailing towards Scotland. And to see what life was really like back in the day when places like were Eilean Donan castle above were real homes and workplaces.

I'd love to snoop around the renaissance homes of Lucrezia Borgia or the Medici family. Or even just walk around in any town in the 20's or 30's or 40's or 50's or 60's.

I know most people think time travel will never be a reality. But you can't stop me from dreaming.


  1. I'm with you on all of that, except I just cannot imagine living life without the luxury of being able to shower daily. If I could go for a day and come back to my shower I'd be happy.

  2. I'm not much into reading time travel fantasy, but Connie Willis has some really great books based on her own time travel fictitious theory, and they are really great. One series is based in the London Blitz of WWII, and another is based in the era of the Plague. Highly recommended, great writing as well as story.


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