Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"The desire to be beautiful is a natural thing"

"The desire to be beautiful is a natural thing" states this ad.
Well, in a world where women control a marginal portion of the wealth (1%!!!!!!!! I SAY IT AGAIN: 1%!!!!), where our jokes are constantly stolen while we're simultaneously told we have no sense of humor, where we still can't vote in many countries, where daughters are given up or even aborted simply for being daughters, where our work is always, always valued less, where we're called sluts if we want to take command of our own reproduction and have to rely on landing a husband to survive and feed our families and where the most common way to describe a woman is to start with her looks, I think the desire to be beautiful could be rephrased into "The desire to conform to the current standard of beauty is an ancient and logic constructed need for many women".

That copy probably wouldn't sell as well. So this ad is yet another example of how often women are fooled into believing that beauty is our own responsibility and interest because...we're just like that, naturally.