Monday, March 5, 2012

Out running

As I was running to THE CHIFFONS, I was thinking this is how I'd like to describe the feeling of returning home from running:

You're 17. You look amazing. You're starting to believe you look amazing too, but even more important - you're filled with the emotion that ANYTHING can happen tonight. It's early summer. Your parent's are going away for dinner and you don't have to go with them cause you're going out with your friends and you know that the person you're so freaking interested in will be there.

You put on your favorite music. You dance a little while you're toweling up after showering. Your best friend texts you that he/she is on his way over. She/he arrives and brings whatever cold beers and snacks.

You hang out for a while and then you go out. And first you think THAT PERSON is not there, but then he/she arrives and looks your way and smiles and looks away and as the night progresses you're DRAWN TOWARDS EACH OTHER and talk and you feel like you're in command of the whole situation and then your friends want to leave and you say goodbye to that person, not because you don't want to hang out with him or her but because you want this whole ANYTHING CAN AND WILL HAPPEN-feeling to last and you change numbers and a few hours later you get a text saying "can't wait to see you again" and that night you sit in your window looking out at the weirdly bright Nordic summer night and you can't sleep but who cares cause you're so happy.

Yes. That's how running makes me feel. But these days I return to find kids and the boy, now man who once turned up at my moving in-party with an empty cigar box that has since been filled with so many pictures and memories.

Keep running.

On Sunday, the world was so incredibly gorgeous. Sadly doesn't really translate through these pictures, you'll just have to go running for yourself.