Friday, March 16, 2012

The thing I love most about Today's Outfit

I love when people analyze their own styles and share secrets of how they've built their outfits around this or that.

Today, I built my outfit around the idea that my bandaged foot will draw away attention from the weird rash mustache I got after waxing my upper lip which I only did because my eyebrow grooming snowballed as I was handed a magnifying mirror post-plucking and yes, that's the only time anyone would ever see the velvety fuzz on my lip.

I'm so tired from not sleeping and counteracting foot pain with Freaks & Geeks all night, I'm barely comprehensible.

But it worked! The pain is totally fine now.
When in pain, use american comedies. USE THEM. Watch them and laugh. Laughter makes you relax. Relaxing makes you breathe right. Correct breathing is great for your entire body and the healing process.

I laughed my way through labor pains and I laughed my way through this post surgery pain. Pure Science.