Monday, March 12, 2012

Weird truth #4 or#5? - 10 000 HOUR RULE

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the 10 000 hour rule (spend that amount of time doing basically anything to get really great at it) and since I'm lazy, I wanted to figure out what I've already spent 10 000 hours on, enough to make me an expert.

I came up with:

Not very unique UNIQUE SELLING POINTS but man, I am so great at commuting, I rock commuting, no one, I SAY NO ONE is faster down the subway escalator than I am, NO ONE is fearlessly applying make-up on the train until the fraction of a second before the doors close again. I ACE COMMUTING.

I wish I had more valuable skills, but you won't find me fronting on the ones I've got.

Buses and trains bow down to me, because I'm the empress of commuting. Not only do I master the art of commuting but I actively love commuting. And as far as I understand, this last fact is what sets me apart from other commuters. They do it because they have to. I do it because I love it.