Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just one more post about reproductive health

Every woman and man should have morning after pills at home. In the heat of the moment, contraceptives might not be as present as they should be, but a morning after pill is way less intrusive and emotional than the process of having to go through with an abortion. It may not be 100 % effective, but it sure is more effective than nothing or simply relying on the power of prayers.

Get some today.

Am I preaching to the choir again? Well, if you're American, I would stock up on these now, the climate in your country is scaring me, who knows what laws your Republican legislators may pass to block your access to great inventions such as these?

Also: is it just me or did this election turn into a full blown war on a territory known as the female reproductive system coupled with the battlefield of women's rights?

I hate the current notion that women can't take care of themselves, that they're not capable of looking out for their own best interests.
Why should women worry their pretty little heads? Everyone knows a woman doesn't need much. Just give her a cup of tea and she's happy.


  1. Varför har så många missat alternativet sterilisering? När familjeplannerigen är klar är det relativt enkelt för MÄN att sterilisera sig. Perfekt. Just do it. // INTE medlem av kören i just detta sammanhang - NEJ.

  2. har dock mer än en bekant som steriliserat sig och ångrat sig och det har varit askrångligt.

    men för dem som ej ångrar sig - toppen!

  3. Yeah I don't know when it happened, and I live in the US. And it is extremely frightening.

  4. Great post! I completely agree! What is happening is so hypocritical!


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