Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Behind the times

Can't stop looking at this cover of the past, the present and the future. 
It's interesting that those three points in time are visualized in such a similar way. 
Perhaps nothing really changes after all. 

There's also something about this cover that saddens me and I can't pinpoint exactly what it is. Is it the knowledge that very few women behave like this in their natural habitat? Is it that their whole focus is directed to please the male gaze?

Is it the prospect of woman as a cute, ready-to-please species?

Here's a different image of three (even more naked) ladies that leaves me with a whole different, much better feeling.  This is something I could see myself doing. Running into the sunset sea, looking forwards, not backwards.


  1. i thought, the other, while looking at this image on a bus stop, that i wished at least one of those models has said, "no, i'm not going to do that." this cover depressed me so much.

  2. It depressed me too, but why?
    Is it because they're so servile?

  3. it's because that's all they are: asses. and on a bus stop. i'm all for pictures of beautiful (!) women, and lord knows sports illustrated is all about that, too, but somehow this cover just seemed so...invitation to porn. and it's everywhere.


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