Monday, March 17, 2014

"Dear" Gap - let the kids be, please.

I would like some kind of estimate of how many times, before she reaches 18, the average female gets to hear/read that it's important for her to be beautiful. The ad above is one current example.

Gap, why do you feel a need to alert kids to what they already are? Beautiful  is just one of the millions of things young humans/kids are.  Why, oh why does this one trait keep being singled out as the number one characteristic to strive for? And why target children with this tired message?

Let the kids just be.

ok so now have read up on the ideas behind the campaign:

 The theme for the spring GapKids collection is “Be Your Beautiful You.” The idea is that kids should be kids; that all kids, by virtue of being their playful selves, are beautiful. Kids are only kids for a finite period of time and we don’t need to rush them to dress like adults or or follow strict dress codes.

To me, this doesn't really change anything. Why is beautiful so important?