Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is this true for you too?

To wake up every morning feeling you have to catch up, with what a bit uncertain but for me includes the following (at least)

news of the world
domestic politics
important books
cooking skills
tax return
what's on your list? hoping you don't have one, that you're in step with your life.


  1. So true! I have to check in with: news of the world, articles that continue to make me feel good about being a liberal, whatever things I thought of on the drive to work that I want to want to find out more about. Then, I can get to work.

  2. 1. espresso
    2. Facebook games
    3. shower

    I can't start the day with the news: it causes me too much anxiety.

  3. Yes! Career, news, celeb news (guilty pleasure), friends and family. And the last few days, Where is The Plane???

  4. 1. Finances
    2. E-mail/whatsapp
    3. Swedish income tax return
    4. Swiss income tax return
    5. Cards and presents to babies born since last summer
    6. Where are my keys? Matching stockings? Do stockings have to match?
    6.a.) I must read motherlode
    7. Where's that pretty ring I never wear but can't bear to loose?
    8. I still have to pay the cleaning lady/baby sitter/neighbor for the thing I bought at the yard sale


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