Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Am in the midst of some kind of crisis.
Feel like I'm hanging mid-air, torn between so many decisions caused by things too private to write here.

On my way over to the Met to work and seek solace in medieval art. Sticking to what works for me. Went running this morning. Medieval art + running = few known side effects besides sore muscles and an urge to wear ridiculous footwear and tights.

How do you handle tough decisions?

Told Anders I was down, likely in the midst of a crisis. As always his reply was unpredictable, one of the reasons I really love him.

"Hang in there, stick it out, you're about to find stuff out about yourself. It's good for you, you're always so content."

What will come out of this? terrifying/exciting.

ps. Pic illustrates how there's always a small hand close to my face asking for something while I'm grabbing glasses holding on to whatever book I'm reading trying to simultaneously meet the demands of family, work and inner life.


  1. He's correct.

    i feel the same way time to time. Overwhelmed. i try to remind myself that, in a year, month, week, things will be better/different. i try to recall things from throughout the years that left me feeling hopeless, confused, etc. Things always work themselves out, usually in ways i didn't see coming.
    There's the old cliche' my boyfriend likes to remind me of, "Nothing good is easy". :/ Not that it HELPS exactly, but, true nonetheless.

  2. Good luck, wishing you smooth passage. I think it's wonderful you've achieved such contentment that the crisis is distinct and defined in this way. I often feel that since my twenties I've been in rolling chaos and couldn't quite tell if there is distinct topography to any particular crisis! I think Rilke's Letter No. 3 to a young poet is good here: "Allow your judgments their own silent, undisturbed development..."


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