Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Right after I post my crisis thing

Seconds after I complain about my current life, NYT tells me McNally Jackson is opening a store in Williamsburg this fall. Feeling slightly better already.

My vision of heaven is a huge museum with a big bookstore and a great cafe and a garden and an olympic sized outdoor swimming pool close to rolling green hills and comfortable beds. Also all times will simultaneously be represented so I can finally get to time travel for real and take a closer look at Akhenaten, Cleopatra, and regular people living their regular daily life through the history of mankind.  Please let it be so.

Am especially looking forward to hearing and laughing at really really old jokes.Would also like to learn how the ancient artists trained to become skilled enough to paint the caves at places like Lascaux. Where and how did they practice? Was it women and men? Girls and boys? Only people of a certain age and standing? The unknowing is an itch.