Sunday, June 7, 2015

2 years in

I keep having pangs of homesickness.
It's ridiculous in so many ways. New York has everything. Everything. Almost.
But not my childhood friends. Not my parents or brother and his family.
Not my sense of belonging, completely.

New York is adventure, diversity, excitement, surprise. All that and a generosity with daylight the Swede isn't used to.

But Stockholm is my shell, my home.

We're a family divided when it comes to these feelings. Beyond seeing a few loved friends, Joel doesn't see the point in going home over summer, he might as well stay. Anders feels the same way.

Staying at least one more year here, I wonder whether this rift will deepen or not.


  1. Hugs. I know how you are feeling, and it's very hard.

    Hope we cross in Stockholm this summer, even if only briefly. xxx

  2. Svårt. Två år för oss i Genève och har inga planer på att flytta tillbaka till Sverige men tanken på att stanna för alltid känns konstig.


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