Monday, June 1, 2015

Overheard at street crossing

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a nice but strange place teeming with middle/media class 30-somethings  on their ways between Apple stores, start-up planning, yoga classes and beer drinking.

Here's an authentic snippet of conversation I overheard the other day between a young man with 30 little braids in his hair, glasses and jumpy eyes talking to a young preppy-looking man:

Braid man: I would really love to hang out with you again soon.

Preppy man: Sure.

Braid man: I mean, we should do a lock-in. Just stay in the whole day and be creative. Do art, listen to music, just stay inside and make stuff.

Preppy man: Yes. But I'm busy.

Braid man: So when could you do it?

Preppy man: The only day would be tomorrow.

Now so curious if they did their lock-in. No way to find out. Unless I see preppy man with 30 little braids in the street this week.