Tuesday, June 30, 2015

growing up

at about age 10, -were you short or tall, small or big compared to people in your class and how did that affect your life?

I was a real shorty. didn't quite like it. My "friends" picked me up and carried me around like a toy. They never asked before if I wanted to be picked up or if I wa OK with it. They just picked me up.


  1. Short, short, short! : o ) Second-shortest in my class, until age 13.

    Am I a small-person in a tall-person body (?) Hrm....

    1. I was short short short and am still waiting to grow!
      I'm a tall person in a short body!

  2. I was rather big, hit puberty early and was stronger than most boys for a long time. Didn't like it then, but looking back it wasn't too bad. /Maja

  3. Always tall and always felt like a freak compared to my smaller friends. And my tall daughter is always picking up her tinier friends...which must drive them crazy.


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