Sunday, June 21, 2015

Inside out

How Niki and I had looked forward to the new Pixar movie Inside Out!

Went to see it yesterday just wasn't for me.

To me, it felt like an all too peppy TED-talk on emotions and memories.
And the inside of one's mind has all the charm and uniqueness of a sterile 90s shopping mall. I understand the graphic analogies were there to make the whole complex how-the-emotional-side-of-the-brain-works-concept easier to grasp but it was not a landscape my inner child/person could appreciate at all. A world with no trees. No thanks.

The rest of the movie house crowd did not feel like I did, they loved it all and gave it a big applause at the end.

Every reviewer seem to agree it's mind-blowingly fantastic too.

have you seen it? what did you think?

oh well, on to the next! now waiting for:
Finding Dory, Hotel Transsylvania 2, Kung Fu Panda 3.