Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Character and consequence

Character and consequence - what is that? Is that an unpublished Jane Austen novel? NO! It's my current project.

I'm building a library of characters for upcoming books and would love any help.

What I need is this: What are your positive characteristics and what are your negative ones?
What consequences have these traits had on you and your life?
If too hard to talk about yourself, talk about someone close to you! You can omit name, age and gender if you'd like!

mail me at if you'd like to participate in this/help me and I'll send back an e-mail with more in-depth questions (THANK YOU!!!!).

Not sure what reward I could give in return beyond my deepest and most sincere interest. Have copies of a book I just translated if that would do it for you. It's all about vintage hairstyles.

Example of what I'm trying to say here:

Emi Guner was born with a (severe) tendency to exaggerate. She's kind of a loner who loves company (makes little sense but is true). She also hates set times. Loves: Books, museums and the internet.

Guner turned her exaggerating ways into paychecks by writing positive things for brands  - yes she became a copywriter. Furthermore, she's self-employed and often spends her days writing at the Met. She has a very hard time turning down any social invitation.

In above pic, Guner is caught thinking about whether her latest exaggeration will really slip under the radar.