Monday, June 22, 2015

Exciting day for this family

I'll be meeting up with a favorite author and his students to talk about Swedish children's books (picture books in particular). 

Vanja is going to an amusement park with her school as an end of school year celebration.

Joel is having an all day picnic with his school. 

Niki has mini-olympics at her gymnastics place.

Anders has an important meeting. 

Will be great to see everyone tonight and hear how it all went. 

What's happening in your lives today?



  1. The kids and I had a stomach bug, one after the other. I washed and cleaned and washed and cleaned... Yesterday, I was literally up from 4 a.m. onwards and then went straight to work. Today, we are all feeling better and man, is it ever nice to feel fine again!! And the sun is out! Yay!

  2. congrats on being back to normal!

  3. congrats on being back to normal!


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