Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear grandma

My granny passed away yesterday. She was almost 93. She taught me many important things, like the fact that people never really stop smoking they just quit buying their own. She also advised me to wear a large wide brimmed hat when driving a car, because that makes male drivers forgive most mistakes you may make on the road. I think she was speaking from experience. She travelled all over the world. She had 5 kids. She trekked in Himalaya in her 70s. She read extensively. She had so many friends.

I remember her telling a story of how she, as a young woman, once went to a dance and was asked to dance by a man with a very high regard for himself. He asked her for her name. She replied "Petersson" which wasn't her name, but a very common Swedish name, just to spite him. He left her there and then on the dance floor. No lie.