Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Overheard at Nathalie Schuterman

Two extremely well dressed HIGH MAINTENANCE women in superior clothing talk about shoes. One towers in some kind of stilettos, the other is wearing paillette platforms.

Platforms: But are yours comfy?

Stilettos: You get used to it. Yours?

Platforms: These are SO comfy. With platforms, the heel and toe are almost at the same level, yet they make you taller. So great. On the other hand I fall over all the time.

Stilettos: Tell me about it!

Platforms: And it's quite some distance to fall too!


  1. best conversation ever. thank you for sharing!

  2. plus, she's right, they are comfy AND you do fall over a lot!!!

  3. All it takes is a wee pebble underfoot and you're going down. So worth it though... :D

  4. this made me so happy, i laughed. since becoming a mommy i'm pretty much a flats-only girl, and that's not easy in los angeles! at least i don't fall over in them. :)


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