Wednesday, February 24, 2010

dear cold country

The other day it was 22 below. Celsius. Even in Fahrenheit, it was below 0. -7 to be specific. We're on our knees with this cold.

The subways are crammed, everything's a bit more chaotic.
As I entered a packed subway, I heard to friends saying goodbye to each other.

Since they were swedes, their chosen words in parting were "Vi hörs" which roughly translates to "Let's hear from each other".

In English, as you know, preferred words in equivalent situations are "See you".

I now wonder - is this difference in tradition and our nations respective preferred sense - hearing on our part, seeing on yours, due to our difference in temperature?

I'd love to see people to, but when it's -22, we all know phone calls are more likely that running into each other, scantily clad and happy at an ice cream stand.

ps. Staying in touch is out of the question in a sub zero context. GLOVES ON!