Thursday, February 4, 2010

dear person working in bookstore

I ask you "Do you have The Decameron, part one, in Swedish, in Paul Enokssons excellent translation from 2007?"

You: "What was that again? What was the name of the book? Have never heard of it. Do you spell it with a c or a k?"

What other books have you never heard of?
Sure this is the right job for you?


  1. This is making me feel better when I cannot read Stieg Larsson in original language (hope you don't mind if I compared Larsson to Boccaccio).

  2. i see you're living in the US now, where books are revered.

  3. no, still living in old continent, on the southern coast (Italy), not far from France, far from Sweden.
    Boccaccio was a compulsory reading in italian high school and, like many other compulsory things, not very much loved.

  4. HAHAHA! Please ask for "The Bible" and how you can find it, maybe on the thriller-section or rather at esorteric-board? I´m looking forward to his answer...


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