Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear secret society

Dear secret society, thanks for yet another incredible evening.
Here you see famous foodie Lotta Lundgren together with Karin "always thinking about food" Hagman. They are both turning their attention to Petra who was with us by way of Skype, all the way from LA. This is Petra together with a woman who loves beer.

And this is our lovely hostess Dragana. What a night. A night to remember for sure.


  1. Is this a (spectacular) view which I see before me...?

  2. it's so spectacular you wouldn't believe!

  3. i remember that dress! so pretty

  4. is that FRESH rose lip stuff amazing or what? i had to share with you. maybe u should do a post, end consumer...subtle, eh? everytime i get in the car i smear it on and it has--i swear--antidepressant effects. (light pretty color that doesn't need mirror for applying too)


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