Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Volvo

Dear Volvo, your new campaign celebrating pedestrians, cheering "Long live the pedestrians" leaves this pedestrian not grateful, but annoyed. While it's nice that you say you care about us, because your new car S60 comes with a pedestrian detection system with automatic full on braking should the driver fail to detect the pedestrian on his/her own, there are many other things we wish for.

For instance, that the drivers would care enough about pedestrians to try to detect us for themselves for instance. I have an idea to improve your invention. A device that turns cellphones off when driving. Just last week, I (and my 2-year old in stroller) was almost hit by a car because the driver used both hands and all his attention to phrase a text on his cell phone.

Also, using long dead celebrities to sell new products always upsets this end consumer. They never get a chance to approve their endorsements. Also think it's weird you use dead pedestrians to illustrate your message of Long Live Pedestrians.

PS. Just got a call from a friend whose 2-year old ran out into the street this very morning. My friend said your pedestrian detection system sounded fantastic. And I do to. I just want drivers to be even more focused on their driving as well. But perhaps that's out of your control.