Thursday, February 4, 2010

Question for you readers!

Which is your favorite museum and why?


  1. The Natural History Museum Berlin!
    Why? Because it has the biggest dinosaur skeleton (in the world...), great collections, awesome exhibitions (e.g. about animals in the deep sea). It's fun for kids and interesting for adults!

  2. "le musée Rodin" in Paris because it has the most amazing marble sculptures and a really great garden where you can relax next to other "outdoor"-sculptures. The museum is an ancient villa, so the atmosphere there is unique.

  3. The Natural History museum in London where I experienced my first truly enormous 'wooooooaaahhh' moment as a child (a dinosaur skeleton and a whale skeleton and the fond memory of chocolate cream eclairs in my lunch box!)

  4. Do you really have to choose one... so difficult! Frida Kahlo's home in Mexico City was magic..

  5. My "new" favorite museum is Pablo Neruda´s House in Valpaiso - Chile, because I felt near the poetry.

    Claudia, from Brazil

  6. The museum of science and industry in Chicago.
    They have a giant ear you can walk through. A GIANT EAR! That is awesome.

  7. It's very, very difficult to choose. The Vatican museum has the best collection I've seen and is a lovely place in it self, but so packed with people that it's difficult to appreciate the art.
    I really like small, quirky museums with badly written signs and weird stuff. The museum in Lagos, Portugal, is probably my favourite "weird" museum. They have everything from Roman coins to a preserved two headed sheep.

  8. The Noguchi Sculpture museum in New York and the Gemaeldegalerie in Berlin. And the Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA. And the Museum of Natural History in NYC. So many to choose from...I also love the Hallwylska Museet in Stockholm.

  9. My favorite is the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Drumheller ( because it inspires such wonder and awe and disbelief.

    Second: The Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA ( might just be the strangest place on earth, which is saying quite a lot.

  10. Die Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin.
    Because it feels so good there.

  11. The Victoria and Albert. Mine and my children's favourite. Noone ever leaves that place disappointed. I sometimes think I could just move in there. It would be so comfortable!

    Also the food in the cafe is outstanding. That's got to be a big plus.

  12. oh, very difficult. let me see, every church is a wonderfull museum since lenni (3) came in to my life, he loves them and we have to go in and look like in a museum, so I love them too (I never did before)
    but a realyrealy museum I very like is the Neue NationalGalerie in berlin, the CO/Berlin-gallery, an excellent gallery for photographs and the MOMA in nyc, yes not very original but I love how the the exhibits are complemented by the view out of the windows, the small one´s, to the small streets...sorry, I´m so talkativ..but you asked...

  13. I'm a fan of the British Museum because they have the original written Beowulf, and the Rosetta Stone, perfect for lovers of language.

  14. more more! and thanks for all your great suggestions!

  15. To choose one is impossible! But my most recent love is the new Acropolis Museum in Athens. Bernard Tschumi's architecture is pure genius in the context and the museal installations and presentations go way beyond the artefacts exhibited. Plus great restaurant, generous opening hours and cheap entry. Hell yeah - it's for sure worth the trip!

  16. Among the top museums (Louvre, Uffizi, Hermitage, etc.) I love the Hermitage for the atmosphere, the beauty of the building and the amazing stuff they have.
    Modern: Tate Gallery (not the Tate Modern, the old one) for Blake's work, MoMA and Guggenheim in NY for the collection and the building of my beloved FLWright.
    Astonishing: Guggenheim in Bilbao. Stylish and serene: Yale Centre for British Art from another beloved architect, Louis Kahn (what a buiding!!).
    Neue Staats Galerie in Berlin for the "less is more" principle. Reina Sofia in Madrid for the Guernica (worth the trip). Gemaelde Galerie in Dresden for the collecion of painting (Tiziano you're great).
    Last but not least Gare d'Orsay for the impressionist.
    Ah, I forgot the Museum Horta in Brussel, what I house, I'd love to live there!

  17. I'm coming very late to this post but must add that NYC Guggenheim is my favorite museum for several reasons:

    *The building's Frank Lloyd Wright architecture is a work of art by itself.

    * Guggenheim is small enough to showcase artists' works without overwhelming viewers.

    *Strolling around the Guggenheim's spiral walkway provides one the best-ever people-watching experiences: Viewers become part of the art work.

    *Services for Guggenheim members are superb and very friendly--unlike some other NYC museums I won't mention.

    I also love the JP Morgan Library and the Frick.

  18. @Lorraine: I got the Guggenheim in my post but I forgot the Frick Collection, how I dared???
    And to stay in the area, what about the Metropolitan!!! At least the Egyptian Wing from Roche&Dinkeloo...


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