Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday wishes

My birthday is coming up and I know many of you are EAGER TO FIND OUT what I'm wishing for.

Here's the list:

Magic cleaning of kitchen drawers.

Magic transformation of Vanja's room.

Magic transformation of basement and laundry room.

Magic transformation of my feet.

Magic find of perfect coat & boots.

Magic new bookshelves and kitchen table and chairs.

World peace.

And end to hunger.

All children born and raised in prosperous loving environments.

An end to hate because of gender/nationality/sexual preference/religion.

An end to Ring P1.

A real northern renaissance painting by one of my favorite men - van Eyck, van der Weyden, Memling or the Master of the St Lucy legend. Would be open to a Holbein too, if pressed. Realizing now, it would be too nervous to own any of those, so now wishing instead for a permanent exhibit in Stockholm of such works.

More dinners with friends.

Two chairs and a small table for the balcony.

New rugs.

Handrail for the stairs at home.

For our plum tree to magically stop producing fruit. But still bloom.

Magic way to save a live copy of the kids at each stage of their lives.

Driving skills.

I think I've said it before - this.

A one on one weekend with each of my family members. In big cities like LONDON, PARIS; NEW YORK; BUENOS AIRES (with Anders, flight too long for kids). Stockholm would do for Niki. She wakes up every morning wondering where she is anyways.

A party for all the people I love. They're so many!

Magic ability to travel through time and spy on people through the ages and perhaps try foods and entertainment throughout history.

What I really don't wish for, as these things BORE ME TO TEARS:

Beauty treatments.
Spa weekend.
Child rearing manuals.
Mindfulness advice.