Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday wishes

My birthday is coming up and I know many of you are EAGER TO FIND OUT what I'm wishing for.

Here's the list:

Magic cleaning of kitchen drawers.

Magic transformation of Vanja's room.

Magic transformation of basement and laundry room.

Magic transformation of my feet.

Magic find of perfect coat & boots.

Magic new bookshelves and kitchen table and chairs.

World peace.

And end to hunger.

All children born and raised in prosperous loving environments.

An end to hate because of gender/nationality/sexual preference/religion.

An end to Ring P1.

A real northern renaissance painting by one of my favorite men - van Eyck, van der Weyden, Memling or the Master of the St Lucy legend. Would be open to a Holbein too, if pressed. Realizing now, it would be too nervous to own any of those, so now wishing instead for a permanent exhibit in Stockholm of such works.

More dinners with friends.

Two chairs and a small table for the balcony.

New rugs.

Handrail for the stairs at home.

For our plum tree to magically stop producing fruit. But still bloom.

Magic way to save a live copy of the kids at each stage of their lives.

Driving skills.

I think I've said it before - this.

A one on one weekend with each of my family members. In big cities like LONDON, PARIS; NEW YORK; BUENOS AIRES (with Anders, flight too long for kids). Stockholm would do for Niki. She wakes up every morning wondering where she is anyways.

A party for all the people I love. They're so many!

Magic ability to travel through time and spy on people through the ages and perhaps try foods and entertainment throughout history.

What I really don't wish for, as these things BORE ME TO TEARS:

Beauty treatments.
Spa weekend.
Child rearing manuals.
Mindfulness advice.


  1. i'm sure i can come up with one or two of those in 2 weeks. dinah can handle all the magic stuff, as you may know her by her other name: hermione granger.

  2. You haven't seen the right handbag yet nor have you been here: http://www.shawellnessclinic.com/
    I tell you, it's my only spa experience as I disdained the whole idea before. Now I'm dying to go back.

  3. For a budget version to Paris, you can always come and stay at our place.
    And please write more about midlife crisis! Your funny and intelligent perspective on things would help to get through mine. (if your birthday is soon, mine is not far away...)

  4. ÅH VAD HÄRLIGT! jag och vanja planerar en tripp till din stad i oktober!

    med kärlek!


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