Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Niki's summer reflection

"I'm a pony and my name is Silver. But I can fly and talk. My wings are a bit dirty. I got some water on my belly and it went straight into my blood!"

How will I make it through the day when she grows up and I don't get to hear stuff like this on a daily basis?

Perhaps need a few more kids. Though yesterday they drove me up the wall so much that I had to show them how close I was to imminent explosion - about 1 mm. We were all kind of curious to see the explosion. It didn't happen, perhaps because the kids kept hushing each other - "remember, she might explode!"


  1. i need to explode less. then it perhaps might have more force.

  2. Grandkids. All of the funny, but you send them home when you're ready to explode.

  3. Silver the pony, I love it! I can't wait for my toddler to start to speak, as for now, she mainly expresses herself with a very urgent-sounding "mummy"... It's kind of frustrating for both of us because sometimes I just can't figure out what she wants to tell me.


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