Thursday, August 18, 2011

That's their job!

So I took the bike to the office today and saw so many things and kept thinking - oh, so that's what his/her life is like today. I love thinking about stuff like that. It's like being inside a children's book.

First of all saw a woman in a bikini kayaking right by the island where we live. That's a nice way to start off any Thursday. Then saw the changing of the guards and started thinking what those people would have to do if they called from daycare. Like this guy in the front there with double drums. Say his kid started got sick at daycare...Could he leave the horse right there with the rest of the group? Or take the horse straight to daycare? Those people ride their horses once a day, playing music to signal the changing of the guards at the royal castle. So outdated! But nice somehow. And that's their job!

Kept biking and heard the most beautiful music. Heartbreakingly beautiful and it felt so alive. And that's because it was a real live orchestra playing right outside the opera house. The musicians were playing, laughing and one of the bass players' music sheets got caught in the wind and flew away and I saw the terror in her eyes before an assistant brought it back right in time. And I thought "That's their job!"

Then went by MY JEWELER. You read that right. Here she is. Her name is Sofia. If you need anything jewelry wise, get in touch with her, because your order will be executed beautifully and she might very well make you laugh. She works with gold, silver, platinum and fine stones. That's her job!

Then ran into my childhood friend Lina. She was on her way to the library to study for an upcoming exam. That's her job!

Now I must start writing stuff and translate some other stuff. And dance in my chair. Because that's my job!