Monday, March 29, 2010

Asking the end consumer for pronunciation help

This is a videoreply to this mail (send a question of your own and get a videoreply of your own!):

Hi Emi!
Do you get many (any) questions regarding pronunciation of Swedish? I have one for you. I've seen this name a lot recently: Malin. Is it pronounced like MAY- lin or something like Mah LIN? Also, Tiger Woods' wife Elin... around here they pronounce it EE-lin. Is that right? I would have thought Eh lin or something. Of the languages I know, English is the only one that has a long a sound or a long e sound using only those letters. In other languages you would need a "ej" or "ei" to make a long "a" sound. Does that make sense?? Just a question from a language nerd over here... Hope you are well!