Monday, March 29, 2010

Asking the end consumer for pronunciation help

This is a videoreply to this mail (send a question of your own and get a videoreply of your own!):

Hi Emi!
Do you get many (any) questions regarding pronunciation of Swedish? I have one for you. I've seen this name a lot recently: Malin. Is it pronounced like MAY- lin or something like Mah LIN? Also, Tiger Woods' wife Elin... around here they pronounce it EE-lin. Is that right? I would have thought Eh lin or something. Of the languages I know, English is the only one that has a long a sound or a long e sound using only those letters. In other languages you would need a "ej" or "ei" to make a long "a" sound. Does that make sense?? Just a question from a language nerd over here... Hope you are well!



  1. Emi, what are your favorite Swedish sayings?

    Particularly interested in mild maternal threats (like "I'll skin you alive, you little vulgarian") (which, granted, sounds bloodthirsty if you're not attuned to hyperbole and sarcasm) (or "I'll give you such a pinch").

    Thanks--looking for ways to increase and enrich my repertoire.

    Love from temporarily not snowy Canada,

  2. That's a very good question! I'll await the response in anticipation and use it on my little sisters if they start fighting!
    (in italian I know there's a very graphical and violent saying used by two male counterparts as threats before a battle: ti apro il c*lo come una cozza! roughly translated: "I'll rip your backside open like a clamshell!" ouch.... maybe nothing that brutal!)

  3. can i be like my mom and nitpick your english? oh i feel like a sh*t: it's "pronunciation"..
    did you see my blog post about esther williams swimsuits at modcloth???

  4. Lisa, thanks for helping me out! The other two of you - I'll see what I can do!

  5. thank you! I'll post help here soon! I love everything in Italian.


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