Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear contemporary times

Things I've asked our common era recently: How could Pauline NOT win the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest when she was so great?(picture above illustrating the mood induced by listening to Pauline) And if she did not win, why not MANBOY?

How could it take so long to give a woman an Academy award for best direction? And while we're talking about Bigelow, what's her secret? Sorry for being so shallow, but with secret I mean skin and face and body and overall age-fighting clues. Her key to success I take is no secret but as often the result of talent, hard work and great connections. I'm sure the reaction to the academy was just this.

1. What took you so long?
2. What's the name of her docs?

Also read in the paper of fish whose reproductive systems are fucked because of the high hormone levels in the water caused by human use of birth control pills. I'm siding with the fish here, it seems so unfair that they can't have babies either because we don't want to.