Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Tana French, potential would-be-runners

Dear Tana and potential runners, I've found a new way to increase my running frequency. I listen to Tana's literature (In the woods as an audiobook) while I run. It's so spellbinding I want to go running more often! Try it.


  1. I LOVE Tana French's books! I never thought about listening to a book while I ran. I just figured that my panting would be too loud to hear the words! :)

  2. I love her books too! I sat up all one night and read until my Kid got me up to walk him to school. No idea how we ever arrived there in one piece. Kept thinking that would make a good Tana French premise.

  3. Tana French will do that to you. Maybe I'll try running with you (and her) when she releases her new novel this summer. I want your arms, as you may well know by now.


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