Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Etsy

You're my meditation spot. Here are three things I almost bought yesterday.
Trains and critters.
A dancing Russian couple, a church, some kind of whips? Love it.
I can't stop looking at this. See the snowball? Is this a canoe? Kayak?


  1. That is a striking photo. If you don't snare it, I will!

  2. That last picture remindes me of this book.


    Going to the hairdressers with my husband, I think I'll take it along for a quick reread in fact.

    Love the dresses. I'd have to make my own though, pigs will fly before I ever squeeze myself into something that small.

  3. The seller also has a woodblock print made from the photo. Not nearly as moving.

    I'll send a pic when I get it framed and on my wall!!!

  4. I love it Greta! How's the book, Jennie?

  5. Suppressing the urge to kill a seal, thanks for asking!

  6. Such a cute dresses i wanna try the green dress on


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